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US Jet Pilot Pursues UFO - Government Admits the Incident Happened

A pilot is ordered to fire on a UFO. It is official. The British Government has announced that an American pilot operating in the North Sea was ordered to fire on a UFO. It happened a long time ago, May 1957. However, the fact that it was announced is a step forward, because so many people believe governments are covering up the truth.

The UFO was moving erratically and the pilot fired all of his rockets. In response, the UFO Just travelled faster than the rockets, away into the distance. British radar operators had first seen the object on their screens and the pilot was sent to find out what it was. When the pilot was ordered to fire every weapon he had at the UFO he was concerned and questioned the order. A confirmation was sent.

Milton Torres was the member of the United States Air Force involved. Now retired, he has spent over 50 years trying to get the true story released. A believer in UFOs to this day, he says: "It was some kind of alien space craft. It was so fast. It was so incredible". Apparently, the craft was extremely large - as big as an aircraft carrier.

When he returned to base a man in civilian clothes told him not to discuss this with anyone, particularly his commanding officer. So the government was covering up, not the air force.

But this is not the end of the story. It has been said that the US military was experimenting with phantom radar signals and this was an example of such a test. Radar is not solid, however.  The UFO was.  It seems the public will get no more information from the government.
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