Australia Sends in the Joke Police

Australia goes "politically correct" mad! The Federal Police has set up a new division that will monitor Australians telling jokes about cyclists, fat people, sex, Jews and Blacks. If you snigger at a fat person in a street you will be locked up. What is ridiculous is the punishment - a year in detention at the home of a member of the Australian Family Association. If someone gives the finger in response to this, what will police do?

It is hard to believe that this is true. But it is in fact taking place. We will see stages raided when an actor makes a racist remark. He will be be cuffed and taken away. Magda Szubanski (a fat comedienne) will be arrested for making jokes about Jews, or even Germans: she is of Polish descent after all. Another joke artist will be arrested for making fun of her.

In short, Australia has banned satire. Anything with a dual meaning will now be a prime target for police. It was the skit on Hey Hey Its Saturday that did it. A man with white make up pretending to be Michael Jackson has been pilloried for making a joke. Would it have been alright if he had worn black make up? What about Al Jolsen? Didn't he wear black make up, and didn't Harry Connick Jr wear black make up in a 1996 skit? Of course he did! What the hell does the "Jr" stand for anyway. What a fake he is. He is so high and mighty. He is just someone who went back to New Orleans and walked around with his hands in his pockets saying "Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! but didn't offer anyone a cent in help.
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