Queensland’s Flood Made Worse by Climate Change

The Queensland floods would have occurred without human intervention in the world's climate, but the damaging effects would have been much less.  This has been the conclusion reached by scientists.  At no time can it be said for certain that a particular calamity was caused by climate change.

Climate has clearly been affected by the way we live, the way our lives have changed since the industrial revolution.  Coal was the first blow struck.  This was followed by development of the oil gusling motor vehicle.

Water temperature off the coast of Queensland has never been higher.  This creates rain clouds that drift over the land.  The northern monsoon seems to be moving down the coast.  With this heat has gone cooling temperatures in the east/central Pacific - the dreaded La Nina effect.  The El Nino cycle appears to have slowed down.  Australia was known as a dry country.  Now it is more humid.  The temperature increase of over 1 degree Centigrade on average is a record.  With this permanent rise it means more rain more often

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