Dangers of Gene Manipulation

The war over genetic manipulation of crops and the human body has not yet been won be either side. Recently Greenpeace destroyed a crop of modified wheat that had been genetically altered to raise fiber content which was intended to reduce bowel cancer. Cross contamination of non-modified crops on farms adjacent to land where GM food is grown was given as the reason for the attack.

There are many dangers with gene replacement technology:
  • Possible birth defects
  • Anti-biotic resistance
  • Control of patented GM seeds
  • Vertical control of food chain
  • Changes to soil balance
  • Horizontal gene change to related crops
Both sides of Australian politics support gene manipulation. Just why this is the case is a big question. Many Australians are troubled by GM use, though not so much by gene treatment in medicine. Like the nuclear power disaster in Japan, one gene related "accident" may end the optimism.
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