Tyrannosaurus rex Had a Tremendous Bite

Knowledge about ancient animals is going in leaps and bounds. Every month or so something new is discovered. Tyrannosaurus rex, for example, had a bite far stronger than imagined previously. The "Terminator" pig-like Archaeotherium was assumed to have the strongest bite of all. This view has now changed.

Tyrannosaurus rex was no wimp. It could take chunks of meat out of living victims. In-depth research was done on the head of the ancient beast. A computer simulation with skeleton and muscles showed a tremendous bite of 1350 kilograms of force. This was at the back of the mouth where the bite was strongest.

To put this into perspective, modern crocodiles and alligators have a bite of about 1,200 kilogram. The shark is feared, but it has a bite of only 300 kilograms. Dinosaurs were really frightening animals when all animals were very large. Man would have been out of place in such an environment. With animals having tremendous biting power humans would not have survived for long.
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