Debate Ensues Over the Number of Dwarf Planets

The solar system is full of planets. Australian scientists have found a dozen or so dwarf planets in our small part of the galaxy. Pluto is not alone as a dwarf planet.

The definition of a dwarf is it must be round and be more than 400 kilometers across. This definition is not accepted by everyone. Many say if a body is large enough to be round due to innate gravity then this should be enough. Some objects as small as 200 kilometers in diameter are round.

Some are still upset by Pluto's demotion from Planet. Others say it is not a planet because its orbit is out of kilter with planets. The classification of Pluto as "dwarf" was caused by the discovery of other objects like Pluto. Eris, Makemake and Sedna are similar to Pluto.

Only five dwarf planets are classed as such at the moment. Thousands of other bodies out are just waiting to be classified, If the pressure continues there will probably be more.
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