Australian Government Plans Nuclear Power Near Aboriginals - Albanese

The Australian government has opened the way for Australia to have nuclear power stations. The Liberal/National Party government (note these are not liberals: they are right wing conservatives) plan to lift the ban. Anthony Albanese leader of Labor says that the ending the ban is fantasy.

Why would Australia even want such a dangerous electricity generation system when it is fourth on the planet in coal reserves and is ranked even higher on quality coal. Just like Donald Trump this business government is in gaga land. Their fantasy is to put power stations and hide the waste on Aboriginal land - let Aboriginals die of radiation poisoning.

We have only to look to Japan to see what can happen. Remember Chernobyl and One Mile Island? People are filling up the planet. There nowhere to pur contaminated waste. The current Australian government treat Aboriginals as third class citizens even after illegal immigrants.

Aboriginals have had their unemployment benefits taken away. Their wives now get food coupons in lieu of it. Black men are banned from drinking alcohol when white people living in the same communities with Aboriginal wives are alloweed to drink, get drunk and are not arrested by police.

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