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Earliest Ancient Beer identified at 6.000 Years Ago

It is said that ancient humans settled down because they wanted to turn grain (they did not use barley then) into beer. This is unlikely: How did they know how to make beer before they had the bread and learned how yeast worked? Note that the original beer did not have hops. This beer was not that fizzy. it was like a soup.

The euphoric feeling you get from drinking alcohol led to it being included in ritual and worship of prehistoric people. Moreover, we all know how imbibing improves social interaction. Ancient societies liked it so much that it became embedded in their culture.

Identifying when the first beer was made is difficult. The remains of prehistoric malted grain can be identified by thinning of aleurone cell walls Grains from five sites were obtained. Researchers simulated the preservation process of ancient beer. They malted barley grain by charring. This was compared with the ancient grains.

Findings were evaluated for more than a year. Finally, there were happy that the earliest beer made by human beings was confirmed. The first beer ever made was brewed in Neolithic Central Europe 6,000 years ago. Preserved burnt crusts, though pulverized, proved this. It can be assumed that bread was made as well.



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