Australia's New Broadband Is Launched

Tasmania turns the new broadband network on. Well the initial phase has been hooked up and is working. The project is going to be a vast enterprise with optical fiber being laid in place of copper. It will offer consumers video streaming that is 100 times faster than at present. The difference will seem magical to most people.

Hopefully and I mean hopefully it will be no more expensive than existing services. The Government has promised that it will be cheaper, a miserly $29.95 a month. Time will tell on the price. The service is being set up as a virtual non-profit business, a public system aiming for only 6 percent profit.

Apparently, e-health is coming to Australia. Patients will be monitored from home. In the Us such a system has resulted in hospital admissions being cut by 60 percent. Sick children will receive schooling direct to their sick bed. Buildings will become 'alive' with remote monitoring cutting power bills. Traffic lights will be synchronized. Mobile connectivity to broadband will be everywhere.

Unlike Japan and South Korea who have led the charge to broadband via subsidies, Australia's system will not be solely privately operated. The Australian Government will have control. Mind you, most consumers will have to wait for many years to get online, up to eight years for those in the outback.
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