Griffith University Forges Ahead With Its Bold New Experiment

Griffith University is to construct a building that for the first time in the world has hydrogen power generation integrated into the structure itself. The sun will separate hydrogen from water by electrolysis. Later when the sun goes down the hydrogen will power fuel cells to generate the required electricity for air conditioning and other uses. A proven method of storing hydrogen in metal hydride powder will be deployed. This is safer than keeping hydrogen in tanks which can explode.

Initial energy requirements will be met by photovoltaic solar panels on the roof and walls, as well as photovoltaic film on the windows. The hydrogen fuel cell technology has been available for quite some time. It will be fully tested in this new structure.

The building itself will be substantial, being "home base" for 80 staff members and 40 PHD students. Eight seminar rooms and two 120-seat lecture theatres will be in use in the six level building. Construction begins in 2011. It will be opend two years later.

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Construction begins in 2011. It will take two years before being opened.