People With Moles Are Healthier

Scientists are looking to moles to enable Mankind to live longer. No, these are not the animal kind of moles. They are the moles one has on one's body - beauty moles. Rather than saying "Yuk, cover that up", we should be saying "You lucky thing."

It seems people with moles have benefits that others do not have. The bones in these lucky ones are, apparently, stronger than usual. It is also claimed that they have less wrinkles making them look up to a decade younger than "non-molers". The Heart, eyes and muscles are stronger as well.

The downside is the increased risk of skin cancer. Just live like Count Dracula, stay out of the light, and you should be laughing. Researchers are working on a way to turn moles off so they become less visible. This is good if you have the genes for moles, but what about the rest of us? There is no way we can get the benefits from moles which make the telomeres of white blood cells longer, thus slowing bone deterioration and preventing osteoporosis.

Off course the search for a cream to be applied to reduce noticeability of moles will not help the population at large. Having the gene is pure luck and no one is suggesting a human breeding program to increase the percentage of people with moles. Having more than 100 moles may be "healthy", but in the eyes of most they are definitely not beautiful.

More importantly, the research showed that drinking high levels of alcohol shortened white blood cell telomeres which made it more likely for people to develop chronic disease. This should have been discussed in more detail in the research paper
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