New Medical Treatments Take Forever to Perfect

Major medical advances are a long time coming. Development of a reliable blood sugar level monitoring method for type 1 diabetes is a case in point. It has been claimed as a revolutionary achievement. It consists of a monitor connected to an insulin pump. With all the money being poured into research this should have been done years ago.

Heart surgery hasn't moved much further forward than the first transplant in South Africa decades ago. Stents are still the primary treatment. The number of heart transplant recipients remains very small indeed. Artificial hearts are still not safe enough for general use.

Cancer shrinking techniques have been identified but they have not been perfected. DNA treatment is a long way down the track. Much hope had been raise over stem cell research. This has slowed right down.

Surgical "tricks' have been done in one-off procedures. Getting them into general hospital systems is not happening though. Drug companies are pushing very expensive medications, far too costly for most economies who have to target the general public, i.e., the poor.

Old medications like paracetamol have been lauded for prevention of heart attack due to its inhibition of an enzyme causing attacks. People still get heart attacks and die before they get any decent treatment. Improving the efficiency of health system would save more lives than new medical treatments.
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