Advertisers Pay Up for Click Fraud

Internet advertising click fraud is still widespread. Throwing money around advertising in this way is madness, anyway, A click does not mean a sale.

Of course website owners are going to position "clicks" where they will be clicked on - accidentally or not. Getting in there and clicking away for half an hour won't do much harm either. Automated botnets are being set up as well. They will really get the cash flowing in from "thick-headed" advertisers.

Over a decade ago it was said the end of "brochure in the post" advertising was near with the advent of the Internet. How wrong they were! You can hardly get the car in the gate with all the paperwork strewn along the footpath from overflowing letterboxes. The more things change the more they stay the same. Businesses spend millions on advertising that for the most part is just wasted. They would be better off buying new machinery to decrease the cost of production and make money that way.
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