Don't Blaim Falling Birth Rate on Government's Lack of Childcare

As developing countries become more developed with rising incomes and better health care so the birthrate is falling. Taiwan is a case in point. They are worrying now about how the large proportion of elderly people in the country will be cared for.

Taiwanese couples only have one child, currently. In China with the one-child policy the birthrate is higher than Taiwan's 0.91 per cent. This country has the Western "disease" of very expensive housing and wives finding it necessary to work to pay for a home. The date for having children is put off virtually indefinitely.

Like in other "advanced" countries the blame is being laid on the government's failure to provide healthcare. The propensity to allocate responsibility on government is a mistake. Unless healthcare is treated as unskilled labor it will remain expensive, Surely any responsible parent would not leave their children in the care of second-class workers?

Taking care of young children, particularly babies is a highly skilled endeavour. Income of carers must reflect this. For too long it has been one of the lowest paid occupations. Mothers cannot expect an income sufficient to pay for a one-on-one carer with a bit to spare. This is not economically feasible.

The world needs a lower birthrate. A solution to millions of elderly people will be found. It is worrying though that the answer could be dictatorial and draconian.
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