If Fishing Is Not Reduced There Will Be Little to Sell

Consumers will have to learn to do without. If we want our children to enjoy seafood we will have to eat less of it now. That means paying a higher price.

A guide has been put out by the Australian Conservation Society to make people aware of what species are in danger. This Christmas consumers have bought lobster, bugs and mackerel. It is debatable as to whether all of these are actually threatened.

Not everyone is in favor of informing the general public about the need for change in the seafood industry. The Queensland Seafood Industry Association, in particular retailers the body represents, are angry because they fear a fall in income. They are saying the industry is already struggling. Yes, it is struggling because seafood is becoming more difficult to supply.

It is really a case of "someone has to pay and it won't be us". They say fishing boats have been bought and licensing fees have been paid. The reality is, however, that if fishing is not cut back there will not be much to sell.
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