Smoking Damages Your Health - Quickly

Some new medical findings can be a bit "oh-hum". It has been found that smoking, just intaking smoke from one cigarette, can damage DNA almost immediately. This does make one think about not taking up the habit. However, it is widely accepted that danger is only there after smoking for 20 or 30 years.

So much work has been done on tobacco. Very little on the other widely used smoking drug - marijuana. Stay away from cigarettes one may say and partake of weed instead. Apparently, the intake of grass is quite safe.

Why is there such a desire for humans to consume such a highly addictive naturally occurring compound? It all boils downs to evolution, natural selection. Unless something you consume reduces your competency to reproduce until the age of about 25, genes will not be selected to combat it. Whether smokers die later in life when they are way past producing and bringing up offspring is irrelevant to survival of the species.

Smoking is like drinking alcohol - it is enjoyable at the moment of consumption but later you may suffer consequences. Restricting sales may be the wrong thing to do. If people want to damage themselves why shouldn't they be allowed to do it? There are so many social problems out there. Concentrating on just one of them is really a waste of resources.
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