Women Want to Stay at Home - That's a Fact

New research shows what many have known for years, that woman want to marry a rich man and stay at home. Going shopping everyday with a pleasant trip to the coffee shop makes the ideal life for most women. In regard to sex many don't even need it. Perhaps the lower libido of an elderly man suites them.

Times of campaigning for equality are over. Look around and you see most women marry, get pregnant within a year or so, and live off their husband's income, totally. Many never intend to work after getting married. A staggering 69 per cent of those surveyed said they wanted to stay home with their children.

Ask a man who is heading toward the age of 30 what he wants out of life. He will breath in deeply, heave out a sigh, then say "I am sick of work!" No one wants to toil away all those valuable hours in the day when you could be relaxing, fishing, messing about with the car, or tinkering with something in the garden shed. Women feel the same, though they would rather do other things.

It was believed that women wanted partners who were more educated and generally smarter than themselves. New evidence shows this is not the case. Only 19 per cent wanted a more intelligent husband. Indeed, 32 per cent of women said they were brighter than their partners. More women than ever are marrying wealthier men irrespective of age.

The more things change the more they stay the same. Women are genetically programmed to stay near the hearth, preparing food and tending to children. Give a man a child caring task and he will usually mess it up. His mind wanders to other things. He will take the easy way out - tie the kids down to playing a game or watching TV while he wanders off into another room to do his thing.

There is so much people want to do in life. It is human nature for women to want to do it sooner rather than later. A wealthy husband helps in this regard. He may be older and not good looking. This is irrelevant.
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