Lines Like Those in Nazca Found in the Middle East

Nazca lines are not only in South America. Similar lines have been found in the Middle East. Satellite-mapping brought the lines to light in Jordan. The lines are not composed of base desert cleared of stones. They are made of stone and go from Saudi Arabia to Syria.

Many designs can be seen, the most common being spoked wheels. They go through lava fields and are 2,000 years old. This is much older than the Nazca lines. The area covered is more extensive than Nazca.

The sections with the spoked wheels have a function. They are part of kites which "funnel" animals thus trapping them. Other lines are cairns that run from burial sites. Walls and other structures have no apparent purpose. Some areas have clusters of spoked wheels. They are believed to have ritual significance linked to the seasons as in Nazca.
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