Exposure to Chemicals at Work Can Cause Chronic Disease

Your job can kill you or make you ill. If you work where chemicals are going into the air during the day you can get serious chronic disease. Twin "partners" were employed where they were exposed to trichloroethylene (TCE) and perchloroethylene (PERC). Many developed Parkinson's disease, where the brain stops producing dopamine leaving the sufferer with impaired balance, slowed movement and stiffness.
Dangerous chemicals in the workplace spraying
Though inherited genes can be a factor, environmental factors cause those without the genes to get the disease. Ninety nine pairs of twins were evaluated. Hobbies and work environments, smoking and head injuries were studied. Of the six suspect chemicals TCE, PERC, carbon tetrachloride, n-hexane, xylene and toluene, TCE and PERC were identified as the main contenders for causing Parkinson's.

Those who worked in machinery, dry cleaning and industrial areas where TCE and PERC are commonly used were in most danger. The two chemicals are shown to cause neurodegeneration in laboratory animals.
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