Australia's Economy Would "Stop" if Oil Imports Ceased

Some countries are moving toward other fuels such as coal gas. However, public opinion about it polluting the environment could bring an end to the trend of companies running roughshod over properties belonging to others. The search is driven by potential profit not for any long-term goal.

People are complacent. Australia is dependent on fuel from mainly Middle Eastern countries. If a major conflagration occurred there the Australian economy would come to a standstill in a matter of weeks. Rationing would have to be introduced immediately. Health and food would be the main priorities. Distribution would be hit hard as it uses most of the oil imported, apart from private use of motor vehicles.

Australia does not keep an oil reserve. Even though some countries have reserves. It would put off the economic hit for a few months. What is shocking is that even dried food in this country would last only nine days.

Using solar power for transport is not possible. If such a scenario did happen there would be a quick move to other resources like using sunlight to turn algae into a usable oil substitute. It has been calculated that algae would produce a minimum of 60 tonnes of oil from each hectare of pond surface. Streamlined systems could increase yield to over 600 tonnes.

At the moment there is no need to "manufacture" oil from algae. Natural oil remains the cheapest form of energy. Many universities are working on algae. Like everything else in this world new opportunities are only taken when it becomes necessary. Personally, I believe that there are solutions to a cut in oil supplies. Obviously there would be a world economic downturn, but Man has survived due to adaptation to changing environments. An oil crisis would be no different.
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