We Need at Least Six Hours Sleep a night

There has been differences in views on sleep for decades. Some say a good nights sleep is absolutely necessary to function well in the world. Others believe that sleeping is a waste of valuable time when one could be creating new things.

More time could be made available if sleep was postponed indefinitely. However, there is a question as to whether performance is impaired. Then creativity could be replaced by nuisance behavior - someone who is just a pest to well functioning individuals around him or her.

Research points to sleep being required for efficient functioning. We have evolved with roughly 12 hours of darkness each day. A century or so ago people went to bed early, before electricity grids changed all our lives. Most animals still head for cover when the sun goes down. Particular animals evolved to be active at night, hunting for food. Even these though sleep in daylight hours.

An Oregon study has shown that the elderly function better if they get a minimum of six hours sleep a night. People with dementia also performed more efficiently. Data confirm the findings of similar research in developing and developed countries - everyone needs sleep. The Oregon program was an international study in itself, the first test with subjects from many countries.
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