Unboiled Eggs

Australian and US Scientists have discovered how to unboil eggs. This is not the whole egg as you would see on your dinner plate: just egg white. Transport of egg white will be revolutionized, no more need to ship fragile whole eggs in their shells (egg white powder is available though not that useful in such a form).  Laboratories will be using the protein as a base medium for research.
A protein is added to pre-boiled egg white which untangles proteins thus allowing them to refold. The procedure is quick and cheep, cheap - sorry about the pun! It is a two stage process. First a substance from urea is added, then the remaining lumps are untangled using a special machine.

Reconstituted egg white can be used in cancer treatment, cheese manufacturing and the farming industry. A patent has been applied for. There is always a catch, but that's life I suppose.
✴ Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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