Foot in Your Mouth Prime Minister

Our beloved Australian prime minister has put his foot in his mouth yet again. I don't believe that I have experienced such a pig headed, mislead person who has gained the highest position in the land before.
Tony Abbot with foot in mouth.
He has weighed into the debate of Western Australia's intention to close down remote Aboriginal communities, despite the first Australians being born and bred there. It is a case of whites controlling the lives of black people because Caucasians dominate power and authority in Australia.

Western Australian governments of both persuasions have a history of being bigoted toward Aboriginals. There have been cases in the past of whites buying votes at state and federal elections by giving Aboriginals alcohol. This is despicable behavior.

Tony Abbott, the Australian prime minister, has said that aboriginals should be forcibly moved to cities because they are a drain on the welfare system. He believes that they will fill job vacancies that do not exist in built-up regions.

Apparently, living where you are born is a life-choice. What nonsense! Where are Aboriginals going to get the large amount of money required to make such a major move to cities? And without immediate employment, welfare will still have to be paid. It is impossible to pay high city rents on unemployment benefits.

It should be noted that many white Australians choose to live in remote places so they can more easily get long-term welfare benefits. Indeed, they choose to get in the "tiny" and go fishing every day.
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