New Magic Fat Pill

A revolutionary diet pill has been developed by US and Chinese scientists. However, there is no hope for men - it only works on women. The critical ingredient in the pill comes from the South American primula tree. It works very will indeed on mice. Let us hope trials on humans are just as successful.
Skinny woman table of food
Apparently, women will be able to eat with impunity and the calories will still be burnt off. Side effects are not known at present. Some promising products in the past had issues.   Chronic diarrhoea was the major problem .

The primula molecule mimics the effects of exercise which produces BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). Some diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntingdon’s could also probably be treated with the new molecule as BDNF is low in sufferers.

Though the pill works effectively on females, for males it is toxic. Male mice got even fatter and became diabetic. If the new molecule is used to treat diseases in men, maybe they will have to put up with weight gain. Women will be laughing all the way to dinner plates. Just what the world needs - fat men and matchstick thin women.
Health by Ty Buchanan
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