The Truth Of 9/11

Dr. Niels Harrit vehemently argues his case in Danish courts. He is challenging a newspaper which published an article criticising the doctor's finding that the collapse of World Trade Center 3 was a controlled demolition. His conclusion is based on solid scientific evidence: analysis of nano-thermite found in WTC dust proves his premise.
The truth of 9/11 will probably never be known. How did terrorists freely circumvent US security to carry out their mission? They went about their business as they wished. The only fight came from passengers on a hijacked plane. Did the US government and powers that be want justification for actions in the Middle East and Asia that were already pre-planned?

According to Dr. Harrit The US itself was "organising" the 9/11 attacks. This was surprisingly not known by Osama bin Laden. Apparently, the US knew exactly what was about to take place and when. The evidence gathered by the doctor proves this beyond any doubt. It was allowed to happen. American lives were sacrifice. This was Coventry in England during WWII all over again. Let it happen so the enemy will not know that we know.

For many years the scientist has been waiting for an inquiry to take place so he can name who  he believes were responsible. It seems this will never happen. This is peculiar in itself because a major disaster in any country is always investigated - always.
Chemistry by Ty Buchanan
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