Kangaroos Fart a Lot

Kangaroos are very windy. That is they fart a lot. Australian scientists have been in the field so to speak studying this. Climate change is the driving force for this study. The search to reduce greenhouse emissions from farm animals is also a driving factor.
Kangaroo eating grass fart windy farting methane gas
Unlike cows which produce large amounts of methane gas, kangaroos are relatively methane free. Kangaroos graze like cows. Indeed, if fresh grass is available their diet is much the same. It was thought that the mix of micro-organisms in their stomachs stops production of methane.

Western grey kangaroos and reds were kept in comfy Chambers where their ins-and-outs were studied. It was not the micro-organisms in the gut that reduced methane. Food passes through their digestion in a unique way. Unfortunately, just how this works has not been elaborated upon yet by scientists.
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