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The New Continent of Zealandia

There is something new in science, despite claims that everything is known.  New Zealand, like Australia (Australinea), is a continent - a very small one at that.  The scientific powers that be have to verify that it is the seventh continent.
Professor Bruce Luyendyk named it Zealandia in 1995. Then, many claimed that Zealandia it had only three of the necessary attributes. Satellite images show that the plate is unfragmented. With all four attributes identified, Zealandia is now accepted as a valid continent. The decision will be yes. Zealandia was part of the Australia 85 million years ago. The land mass contains valuable minerals. Australia, Nova Zeelandia and Nouvelle-Calédonie will have to work out who controls specific areas. Calédonie is a French overseas territory, so France will be involved. australia zealandia continent australia continent zealandia links to australia links continent undo zealandia links australia business continent zealandia part undo links zealandia australia zealand business australia continents part continent or zealandia australia continental undo luyendyk zealand links australia crust continents business zealandia continental part sponsored luyendyk insider continent crust zealand undo continents links data researchers continental business solar study luyendyk part zealandia video data sponsored crust insider plate called solar researchers zealand continent earth plate video study continents undo zealandia caledonia earth called data p romoted continental links caledonia plate solar sponsored luyendyk business collection earth video researchers crust part america caledonia called study insider zealandia need geologists collection plate data zealand people need america earth solar continents continent koala people geologists caledonia video sponsored continental undo fool koala need collection called researchers luyendyk links motley fool people america plate study crust business wrote motley koala geologists earth part today wrote fool need caledonia insider years today motley people collection zealand zealandia slab years wrote koala america continents unified slab today fool geologists continent india unified years motley undo region india slab wrote links geologic region unified today business earth’s geologic india years part pieces earth’s region slab popular pieces geologic unified australian popular earth’s india zealandia linkedin australian pieces region facebook linkedin popular geologic continent money facebook australian earth’s undo trump money linkedin pieces links melbourne trump facebook plane melbourne money gizmodo plane trump rocks gizmodo melbourne larger rocks plane submerged larger gizmodo millions submerged rocks microcontinents millions larger samples microcontinents submerged continent gondwana samples millions undo rock gondwana microcontinents considered rock samples elevation considered gondwana gsa elevation rock big gsa considered floor big elevation seventh floor gsa hiding seventh big international hiding floor terms international seventh contact terms hiding continent huge contact adds huge galaxy adds world galaxy year world day year single day program single killing program crashed killing moments crashed final moments industry final dollar industry billion dollar multi billion disrupting multi company disrupting morning company wealth morning building wealth buffett building learned buffett rules learned join rules email join shopping email forbes shopping market forbes worth market guide worth brand-new briefing fitness guide workouts fitness max workouts everlane max who what wear everlane tectonics whowhatwear twitter tectonics implications twitter economic implications eventually economic scientific eventually scientists scientific list scientists reason list islands reason show islands satellite show antarctica satellite similar antarctica north similar california north parts california point parts mortimer point seafloor mortimer eurasia seafloor authors eurasia solid authors greater solid area greater luyendyk’s area less-dense luyendyk’s thicker less-dense large thicker ocean large evidence ocean supercontinent evidence describe supercontinent university describe asia university europe asia ages europe sight ages plain sight promoted brand-new plain briefing nova Nouvelle-Calédonie promoted zeelandia part to undo zealand luyendyk business continental study continents insider crust sponsored researchers
Zealandia the new continent 
Professor Bruce Luyendyk named it Zealandia in 1995.  Then, many claimed that it had only three of the necessary attributes.  Satellite images show that the plate is unfragmented.  With all four attributes identified, it is now accepted as a valid continent.  The decision will be yes.

Zealandia was part of Australia 85 million years ago.  The land mass contains valuable minerals.  Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia will have to work out who controls specific areas.  New Caledonia is a French overseas territory, so France will be involved.
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