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World Exclusive: Australian Company Sues Person Who Protests About Spam

Surely people against spam are in the right. Spam is a nuisance to society. Not so! A spamming company is suing an anti-spammer because it was blacklisted on a spam prevention site.

A Perth company, T3 Direct, wants AU$43,750 in damages. The "" website blacklisted the company. Websites such as distribute lists of IP addresses of spammers so end users can block them.

T3 Direct cannot sue the website because it has no actual address and it has no money. So the company is suing the "culprit" instead, namely, Joseph McNichol.

This is the first court action of its type in the world. A Web site is being set-up to fund Mr McNichol's court costs.

The whole world will be watching how this case pans out.
 Internet by Ty Buchanan

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