Immigrants Should Not Try to Change Australians

Like the US, Australia is a young country, where even native born people have ancestors from overseas. This makes Australians "predisposed" to accept others, even though the new Australians have different norms of behavior. For example, they may not like Australian food. This is alright. Australians can live with that - as long as immigrants try to fit in and do their best to alter their values to some extent, in order for Australians to accept them.

This is the problem. Some newcomers hear of the better life in this country and come here for this reason only. They want to live here and expect Australians to adopt to their way of living. This is wrong.

In the fifties and sixties Europeans were encouraged to move to this country. They came from Greece, Italy, Spain and so on. Most of them moved to en cleaves. For example, Melbourne had the largest population of ex-pat Greeks than anywhere else in the world. They lived mainly in one part of Melbourne. In Adelaide where was a concentration of Italians in one area. But these new Australians did not try to change Australians. Their children were born here; they could speak English and their parents' language. This was useful. It meant their offspring could do work that monolingual Australians could not do.

Things have changed since those days. Many newcomers are trying to change Australians and force their way of living on people born here. If they do this, they should be asked to leave - surely. If they want to live as they did in their original homeland, they should forego the higher standard of living here and leave.