Muslims Will Not Take Over the World Via Multiculturalism

What is multiculturalism? It is the acceptance of multiple "micro" cultures within a national culture. Many believe that it is ethnic groups taking on a national culture. This is where the problem arises.

In Europe at the moment there is the issue of the burka, worn by traditional Muslims. Furthermore, there is the problem of mosques to be built in New York and Moscow.

Some European political parties are taking a stand against multicultural polices, saying they will stop more immigration and even take away the rights of ethnic groups in their own communities. Popularity for banning the burka is increasing.

Australia has been suggested as a model for other countries in regard to multiculturalism because of the way ethnic groups have integrated into the wider Australia. But the reason for its success is the way new Australian have been absorbed into society not for the traditions of ethnic groups surviving for generations in this country. As new arrivals looked for homes and work in their new country so the hands of Australians reached out to them. Ex-Brits fitted in easily and over one generation eastern and southern Europeans took on the Australian identity. Despite the white Australia policy of the early twentieth century many Chinese and other Asians have been accepted as well.

Today, however, Australia has the same problem as other countries. It is the perception that the apparent intention of Muslims from any country is to change the culture of their new country, That is the crux of the matter. This will not happen even though Muslims have a higher birthrate than any other group: note that it is falling. Even in France with 4 million Muslims out of a population of 62 million, they will never be a majority at the election polls. People in Australia saying Muslims will take over is scaremongering.

It is unfortunate that new Muslim immigrants do seem to resent their new country - the way people live irks them because it is not condoned by Islam. No Muslim country has a democratic government. Afghanistan and Iran may claim to be democratic, though the validity of their governments is questionable. Maybe new arrivals want change forced on the majority in a Muslim led takeover. This is far fetched and unlikely to happen.

In the long run Islam will have to accept that it will not greatly influence Western countries, terrorism notwithstanding. The truth is, even non-believing Westerners prefer to live in countries led by Christian governments.
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