Anglican Website to Debate Atheism Is a Waste of Time

Anglican Church tries to convert the unconvertible. A website has been launched in an attempt to make those who see no gods, accept one god. Giving reasons for why one should believe in a creator god is an irrational attempt to make the unbelievable, believable.

A read of the bible shows Yahweh to be a very angry god. Testing a father by making him sacrifice his son is hardly rational behavior even for a human, let alone a god. Telling a tribe to go forth and slaughter everyone in the land in order to have the land is a silly directive, indeed.

Just how a university professor can teach while having a strong belief in God is quite "unbelievable". The website has been set up by Professor John Pilbrow. Surely, teaching requires an open attitude to just about everything in life. Does this professor also question evolution?

The website is intended to "bring a more thoughtful and constructive quality to the debate." For atheists there is not debate - there is no god, full stop!
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