The NBN Will Be Scrapped When the Coalition Wins Government

Will Australia ever have a National Broadband Network? It seems it will only be partially completed before the Coalition wins the next election and puts a red line through it all. Telstra will remain the controlling body when takes over. Not much will change in Australia's communication sector. Those who miss out will be terribly bitter about the mish-mash of a system we are left with. Just why the Coalition hates the NBN is hard to clarify. Why don't they want the nation to move forward with a world-class Internet network?

Telstra is being criticized for being too competitive in price cutting. There is not much profit left for small telcos. Surely, this is the way of the market, but is Telstra trying to "grab" the market before it gains control over a market that will be opened up again with a coalition win?

Telstra will survive a re-adjustment when smaller firms will fail. The Labor Government sees the deal "done" and a majority of the population believes this to be the case. It is certain however, that a new government will bring a stop it all - bloody minded or not. The NBN company will be dissolved. Australian right wing parties are dead against formation of the new national body. After all, they sold off Telstra.

Only one thing will stop this happening: that is Labor, The Greens and Independents could retain control of the upper house. Perhaps the Coalition will not need the upper house in order to scrap it?
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