Aboriginal Men Have Indian Chromosome

 ▶Aussie aboriginal males having indian genes. chromosome in south india | + men + indian + dravidian + aboriginal + india + seafarers + south + have aboriginal ha men chromosome go south we india | found. ◀ |
It seems obvious that the main heritage of Australian Aboriginals is not Indian and people of Papua New Guinea are not directly related to Australian natives either.  Research done on native Australian men shows their Y chromosome is the same as men in India.   ||| indian if south men aboriginal me seafarers found no have as found eh en aboriginal do dravidian of seafarers go have australia south dravidian |
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Apparently, 4,000 years ago Indian seafarers landed in Australia.  Whether it was planned or accidental is not known.  The newcomers were taken in.  When European colonists got lost in the bush Aboriginal did not kill them.  The wayward were usually found months later living happily with them.   ||| ox dravidian at  india dravidian hi seafarers get have from south men indian india ho aboriginal la dravidian my chromosome on job men chromosome australia india adventure| |    
Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the pattern found in South India, specifically Dravidian speakers, is in pre-European Australians. Results of two studies made possible a prediction of 2217 BC for the Indian arrival.     ox seafarers get have not an new or men or indian it aboriginal um seafarers go south up have. | | 

The date is not surprising as this was the beginning of the Indus Valley civilization when seaworthy boats were developed for trade.  Moreover, the new arrivals influenced those already on the large continent.  There was a change to neolithic refined tools from cruder palaeolithic ones.  The toxic cycad nut was also adopted as food by the locals after treating it in a way common in the Kerala region of Southern India.      chromosome once upon a time from south | .
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