Tree Grows Inside a Man

A man had severe pains in his chest and began coughing up blood. Doctor Vladimir Kamashev x-rayed the man's chest and had a big shock. He had to call his assistant for a second opinion. The assistant confirmed the doctor's diagnosis. The man had a fir tree growing inside him.

Fungus can grow inside a human body but it was not believed that plants could take root and grow there. Surgeons removed a young five-centimeter fir tree from the man's chest. Needles from the plant dug into the capillaries and caused bleeding. The man consequently coughed up blood.

Obviously a small "cutting" from a fir tree was inhaled. It found sustenance inside body tissue. What is surprising is that a biopsy of the plant showed the fir needles to be green, so the tree somehow got enough sunlight to survive. Parts of the plant have been preserved for further study.
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