Boat People Find Entry Into Australia Difficult

People want to come to Australia. They get on a leaky old boat, paying their life savings to the traffickers, thinking they will soon be in the promised land. However, if they did not leave as genuine refugees they will be on the boat back home. Only a few days ago those who were not refugees were forcibly removed. A riot recently broke out between Afghans and Sri Lankans when the Afghans said the Sri Lankans didn't have a chance of getting residency. The truth is the war is over in Sri Lanka and two boats have just been stopped by Sri lankan Government vessels.

Why do they want to live here? Well, social services and health now employ more people than retail. The mining industry is booming. People in developing countries hear that life is easy in Australia and the state looks after you. But do they know that coastal cities are short of houses and water runs out, often. Electricity is rapidly increasing in price. Council rates are rising faster than the rate of inflation. States are continually raising charges for running a motor vehicle. Interest rates are getting higher every month. More people live on the streets than ever before. Rents are $300, $400 a week for a basic home (while welfare is $250). No, they don't know this.

The Howard Government just had temporary visas for those awaiting evaluation. When holders of the visas were asked how they were doing, most said employers would not take them on with the visas. Now these people are being kept in detention. Getting in a boat is like sentencing yourself to ten years in gaol, because that's how long evaluation takes in some cases, with the appeal processes, etc. Some "boat people" were paid by the Howard Government to return to Afghanistan. They came back when the money ran out at home.

More money is to be spent on new accommodation for people seeking residency. Things are not getting easier for new settlers. It is becoming more difficult by the day to be allowed to stay. The government has now pushed all selection approvals onto the UN. If it says you are not a refugee, then you are out.
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