Hills Hoist Put to Use Again

Australians worship the Hills Hoist. Wherever one travels in this hot brown land the Aussie clothes line can be seen, with shirts and skirts attached thereto. It seems, however, that in other countries the Hills Hoist is a blot on the landscape. In the US the hoist is hardly seen at all. In the 1950s the electric dryer arrived and more recently in the 1970s regulations were brought in to prohibit the hoist on aesthetic grounds. Some argued that the humble Hills Hoist detracted from perfectly manicured backyards and could reduce home values.

The tide is turning. For people are hanging out their washing in protest. You see, electric dryers are bad for the environment. A significant amount of electricity is used by electric dryers in the US, six percent in fact. Furthermore, commercial laundry establishments including laundromats, gaols, prisons and hospitals use gas dryers. The humble clothesline could be a valuable weapon in the fight against global warming.
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