Cannot Catch the Superbug from New Zealand Apples

It fails me the means people will go to in order to maintain something of benefit. The courts have recently made a decision in favor of New Zealand importing apples into Australia. For decades Australian growers have been crying wolf about the danger of diseases from New Zealand apples. This is despite the fact that all requirements asked of New Zealand growers have been met. Now it is claimed that the new antibiotic resistant infection can be spread this way. Fair shake of the sauce bottle mate! This is a silly supposition.

There isn't much doubt that superbug infection can occur with people having plastic surgery in Asia. But how do you prevent this by toughening quarantine regulations? It is impossible to stop people travelling. The real danger is consumption of meat injected with antibiotics to improve growth rates. Even with this it will take many years of food intake to detrimentally affect a human being. Just a mention to New Zealand to stop spraying antibiotics on apples for blight will result in quick action. Protests by Australian growers are irrational. How many apples do people eat? Not many.

Australian growers know, however, that there is another danger from fruit and vegetable imports from New Zealand. A cool climate produces a far superior product. Allowing apples in will open the flood gates as Australian consumers become "educated" about the availability of better produce. Let's face it, some of the stuff offered for sale in the shops is rubbish. When you are travelling overseas bite into a fresh tomato. They are fleshy, sweet and have thin skin. Cucumber sold for salads are "ridge" cucumbers. They are grown for cattle feed in other countries. It is unfortunate that Australians have been denied quality fruit and vegetables for centuries.
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