An Educated Elite Runs the Labor Party Not Union Leaders

A University educated elite runs the Labor Party. Look at members of Australia's Government and you will not see anyone who learned a trade before entering politics. They are all middle-class professionals despite talking loudly about their working class origins. They are no longer called the "Left". When They hear the word "progressive" they put their hands up. Just like the early Marxists they are university educated elitists who claim to have the answers to society's woes. Interventionist policies in capitalism are the norm, though they willingly partake of the benefits from free markets.

Most do not follow historical leftist beliefs apart from their condemnation of capitalism. They put into practice social "isms" Originating in the US. John Howard may well have said universities are controlled by Labor. For indeed they are. They also make the ABC, SBS and civil service government their own. Most journalists are of the same ilk but their editors restrict their influence.

Why is this so? Though many do originate from the working class, they are freer to indulge in thinking and "knowledgeable" dreaming than their parents. They think the answers are in their minds only. A little knowledge is surely a bad thing. When they don that hat and get that "scroll" they grow wings. Because they believe that the answers lie in cumulative knowledge from the past they force themselves upon us.

Bob Hawke, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard wear their badge firmly stuck to their breasts. They proudly strut with their noses held slightly above the horizontal. One must not be seen as being a member of the working mass. We are born to lead and must show them the way.

These days though people are wise to them. With daily updates about the share markets and analysis of international and national events the general level of knowledge is rising. Their domination of the nation is strong, however, as right wings protagonists keep proclaiming. Sadly they are mocked for telling the truth.
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