Australia Makes Beer for Space

Australians love their beer - really love it. So when going into space it is wise to get "space certified" beer while on board. Saber Astronautics Australia is working with 4 Pines Brewing Company to get their beer registered as satisfactory for space. The beer will be tested in low gravity by weightless parabolas.

Taste and drinkability are paramount. In a low gravity environment human taste is reduced in sensitivity. The way carbonated liquid responds is also an issue. Oddly the Australian brew being tested is not the usual lager. It is stout. This has more flavor. Gas will float around in the liquid in the stomach being released in what is called a wet burp.

The beer will be expensive because of the limited market. Space beer has been made by the Japanese using barley seeds grown in the International Space Station, but that was for earthly consumption.
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