China's Mental Health Problem

It is no wonder China is experiencing a rise in mental illness: production line work is the most demoralizing you can do. Oddly, it is the executives in China's industry who are committing suicide. This could be due to party officials being "given" jobs running large modern businesses, Party work is much different than running a company.

Mental illness is shockingly high in China with 17.5 per cent of the population suffering from the malady. The issue is - Why has the rate risen so quickly in China? Of course, a little thought will inform: the largest nation in the world has adopted the Western economic system rapidly. The system was just "dumped" on the people who were told the old ways were bad. The old ways provided guaranteed employment and generous pensions, even housing was a given. My, how things have changed.

The Western "disease", the industrial strike, has occurred in recent times. In the past this state of affairs would have been "stomped on" quick smart. With the country pushing for higher productivity and wages pegged at a low level it is no wonder something had to give.

New mental health treatment programs have been set up offering the latest medications. With no real cure on the horizon and only symptomatic relief available, the source of industrial labor for the world must surely have to look at the real cause - modern industrial society with all its uncertainties.
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