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Consuming More Tea and Coffee Prevents Diabetes - Doubtful

Claims about consuming certain things to improve health are way off beam. Every now and then supposed new research shows that if you eat this or don't eat that your health will improve. Years late we discover that the "experts' were totally wrong and your health was actually damaged. This happened with margarine, milk, eggs and so on. What is the latest? Well, apparently drinking up to three cups of coffee or tea each day reduces the risk of getting diabetes. Look around. Do you see people who drink these beverages regularly with diabetes? You sure do. There are thousands of them. The University of Sydney says “If such beneficial effects were observed in interventional trials to be real, the implications for the millions of individuals who have diabetes mellitus, or who are at future risk of developing it, would be substantial.” Their trials must be wrong. Surely millions of regular drinkers who have diabetes are thinking, "Why me? Why have I got the disease&qu

Anthropology Has New Theory on Australian Aboriginals

New theory on Australian Aboriginals - Anthropology. Australian Aboriginals split from Eurasians and moved south into the dry continent. Twenty thousand years later the world warmed up and Australia was cut off from its northern neighbors. This is the latest theory.  But when Europeans initially came to Queensland there were two types of native people. Each was a distinct genetic pool. One was like Papua New Guineans. The other was very slight and shorter. It is the latter that predominates today. Papua New Guineans Australian Aboriginals Some scientists still hold that there was only one move out of Africa. This is an unsustainable supposition. The doors for movement were always open. Australian Aboriginals were quite unique. It seems that they were the first to leave Africa. There is also the question of Tasmanian Aboriginals who were wiped out by arriving Europeans. There is no evidence of them now. They could not light fires. The flames had to be stolen f

Can Australia Afford Chinese Students?

Sixteen per cent of income of Australian tertiary institutions comes from Chinese students . It isn't the case of can these education bodies afford to lose the money. The real issue is, can Australia afford to have Chinese interference in Australia's internal affairs? Pro-mainland-China students in Australia It is clear that China has established a network of Chinese in Australia , some Australian citizens others short- term stayers, who spy on us and manipulate our politicians. Let's face it, under the Coalition government the education system in Australia has become a money-making machine with education chiefs blatantly touring Asia on bended knee pleading for more paying students. India is the growth region. Discounts are given to get them to study in Australia . Most Indians want residency but this is not easy to get. So some remain in Australia illegally. China, on the other hand, will always be the largest market. Universities say they are p