IPhone Action

The world of iPhones can be quite exciting. A 68 year old man beat up a youth who would not turn his iPhone off when a plane they were on was about to land. A phone thief was tracked down by a police helicopter in Melbourne, Australia. A victim watched a thief in the process of taking her phone on the phone's webcam. He was caught.

Cooks at a Connecticut restaurant thought the gun a thief was toting looked unusual - it was an iPhone. A cyclist grabbed a woman's communication's device from her hand. He was tracked down by GPS software she was testing on the machine.

As iPhones become part of everyone's life many people want one for free - human nature I suppose. They are useful devices if you want to communicate with someone. But you see people walking into electric poles on the street with a phone "glued" to their ear. Many are seriously injured every year by drivers of motor vehicles blatantly using them while driving. They are really a toy. High tech features are seldom used by the average user. Pay phones will do the job adequately. Progress, however, cannot be stopped.
~~~~~Australian Science~~~~~
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