A Restriction on Bringing Relatives Here Is Needed for Unaccompanied Boat Children

Privilege given to asylum minors must be changed. Australian immigration is giving priority to unaccompanied children so that they do not have to face the hardship of being locked up for years. However, this is being used as a stepping stone to get relatives here. The number of children on their own coming here by boat has sky rocketed. One sixth of new arrivals from Afghanistan and Iran are unaccompanied children. This is way ahead of one twelfth for Pakistan.

Like the Afghan man in Indonesia who boldly instructed Australia to hurry up and let him in so he can bring his wife and six children here, this nation is being taken for granted, as easy. Some boat people are plainly arrogant. This man had no feeling for those drowned in the recent boat sinking near Christmas island. All he could say was "at least the survivors are here now while I am stuck in Indonesia."

A restriction of say five years needs to be put on new permanent residents before they have the right to bring out other family members. Considerable time is needed before a wife can follow a husband here. We need such a deterrent. Sure there is a war in Afghanistan but not every disenchanted Afghani can come to Australia.
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