Them Scooters Ain't Motorcycles?

I don't know about other countries but here in Australia there is a silly law that says you can ride a scooter on a normal motor vehicle driving licence. I believe that this is also the case in other English speaking countries - let me know. It is true that motor cycles are different monsters than cars. A quite different drivers technique is involved. It is said that many people could not handle a motorcycle and sidecar, for example, because steering it around corners needs some natural skill that one is born with.

Surely if one can ride a scooter, 60cc motorcycles should also be included. The engines are powerful enough to give a good ride to a large person over hill and dale. Years ago there was a "chink" in British law which allowed people to drive a three wheeled vehicle on a motorcycle licence. Some took offence at this and set many three wheelers alight in car parks. They were made of fibreglass and readily burned. This is much like the hostility some have towards those darned electric vehicles that try to run you down in shopping centers. The ownership of them should be controlled. People drive up to the tills then boldly walk in. There nothing nothing wrong with them.

Getting back to real issue. It seems scooter manufacturers are bending the law in new scooter designs. Take a look at this link There are some great space age designs here. They are nothing like the traditional Italian made machines. You wouldn't be laughed at drawing up on one of these. The bike above looks somewhat like a Harley Davidson. The Bosozuku is terrific. Perhaps it is the paint job but it looks just like a fast motorcycle at a glance.

In my view there is too much made of a situation with revolves around having fresh air between your legs. For all intents and purposes these machines are motorcycles. It seems if authorities make a ridiculous law the smart ones will change things to slip under the barrier.

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