Modern Men Are Weak

If Man was pushed back into the stone age men would have to get women to fight for them. Men have become real cissies with all the modern amenities. Even laborers today don't do much laboring. Trench diggers and Bobcats are the order of the day. Even farmers use mechanised fence hole diggers. Professional fighter don't do it tough any more. They demand all the luxuries.

Take for example ice hockey players. it is deemed to a be tough sport with fights breaking out in just about every game, but with all the protection there are few injuries from the physical clashes. If you were a Roman gladiator you could lose your life or have to fight on with painful injuries.

Why are sporting records being broken you say? The reason is due to the greater opportunity for those with preferable genes to succeed at sport as children, not because athletes train harder. As a child I was awed by my father's capacity to carry two one cwt bags of cement, one on each shoulder. He was quite a small man and only larger men working with him could do this. These were not the tiny bags cement comes in today. When the oil runs out the machines will be idle and men will definitely not be, any more.

The modern world relies on brainpower for societal advancement. It is no wonder fertility in Western countries is declining. The potential for female orgasm is based on her perception of the partners "maleness". Wealth can also be a factor. Most men are, unfortunately, poor. A big thing is made of sex today. For the poor of days gone by sex was the only pleasure they had and they did it frequently. Wives had ten or more babies.

Men say they work long hours. It was only in the early 20th century that Western men got one weeks paid leave a year. They worked more than six 12 hour days a week. It is not only men who are at fault. Modern mothers make very soft lives for their sons. Boys grow up without even getting their knees scrapped. They are plonked in front of the TV because it keeps them quiet.

In a generation or so this male weakness could lead to the demise of some nations - in war. They might prefer a negotiated defeat. History has shown what happens to the defeated. They are stripped of wealth and end up toiling for the victors. In other words they are forced into a more basic, tougher life.
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