Nothing Will Make Coles Sell Growth Enhanced Beef

Coles has chosen not to sell beef enhanced by Hormone Growth Promotants (HGP). For making this stand it has been condemned by Animal Health Alliance (AHA). Note that AHA is financed by pharmaceutical companies. Elanco and Pfizer are members of this organization.

Saying that Coles ignores scientifically based findings that HGP beef is safe is unscientific in itself. No number of tests will ever prove it to be safe because it hasn't been in use long enough to ascertain its dangers.

CSIRO has found HGP beef to be of poor eating quality, and as Coles makes a quality related buying decision is will not be purchased by them. This is a free country and producers "jumping up and down" will not make consumers buy their product.

HGPs make cattle grow faster so it should be cheaper. Unfortunately, this saving is not passed on to the buyer. Indeed, consumers will pay more for non-HGP beef.

Sales of HGP meat is declining and it won't be around for much longer. How can Coles action be a "blow to Australia's beef industry" if this is the case? HGP makes beef tough and that's the end of it.

Woolworths sells HGP beef and consumers know it. Coles is getting a reputation for very tender beef and in the long run Woolworths will lose out. Woolworths fresh it may be but it is too tough to eat!
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