Not Being Able to Do Your Job Well Can Lead to Early Death

Not being able to do your job properly can kill you, or at least make you very ill. In Finland workers were interviewed to ascertain their perception of how well they can do their jobs.

The study began in 1981 with 5971, 44-58 years old employees being evaluated. By 2009, 1918 of them had died. It was found that perceived work ability did indeed predict health problems as workers aged.

Most troubling was the propensity for death among these subjects, particularly the blue-collar group. Indications are that such jobs have a high degree of manual labor involved. Being locked in with the danger of having to find even harder physical work with the loss of one's job inevitably led to more worry. On the other hand, not being able to do a job well could indicate underlying health problems that affected worker's abilities when they are in their forties.
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