Atheists Are Bad Citizens

Atheists are bad people. New findings show religious people contribute more to the community than non-believers. Apparently those who have no faith just get on with their lives caring only for themselves. But there is a saying "all of my best friends are atheists." They could be friendly. However, they have little drive to help society in a general sense.

Considering religious citizens believe in the writings of books that "command" believers to help others this finding is hardly surprising. Saying that such people are "nicer" though is too simplistic. Moreover, a fellow soldier who does not believe is just as likely to take a risk to save you in a battle as a religious person.

Atheists also give less to charity. Considering most charities are religious institutions, this is to be expected as well. Is the behavior of believers really altruistic? They are trying to get into heaven after all. Belief is a fickle thing. Even atheists have faith. They have faith that God does not exist.
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