The Young Will Soon Lease Electric Vehicles

Private ownership of motor vehicles may not not be popular in the future. The majority of people may chose to Lease electric cars. Being able to lease these vehicles will be a big draw particularly if brand new cars are on offer. Obviously secondhand versions will also be available.

There are plans to "build" payment plans into mobile phones. This will include a usage agreement with recharging credits and battery swaps. It will be aimed at young Gen Y users who won't go anywhere without their mobile. Many members of this group support a green way of life.

The love of older big engined cars is now largely an older generation thing. The young are turned off by these "monsters". It will be sad to see the demise of combustion powered cars but eventually it will happen. The Gen Y group don't care about the kind of car they are in as long it gets them from A to B. Ownership is not important.

No doubt older people will initially ridicule the tiny little "bugs", But as their number soars they will stop laughing. Car makers are already planning for the future and electric cars are at the center of it. Just where all this extra electricity will come from will be the problem.
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