Cycad no Longer a Living Fossil

scientists have been wrong in the past and in some cases are still wrong today. Things that have been taught as fact for centuries are now found not to be true. Cycads have been called living fossils for a very long time. However, the species that survive today were not around when dinosaurs roamed the planet.

Will they find coelacanth fish, horseshoe crabs and gingko trees to also be recent branches on their family trees? Many scientists are still fighting for Pluto to be reinstated as a planet. Now cycads will be struck off the living fossil list.

When a new find of an ancient individual related to humans is announced, along with the excitement is the claim that it is the missing link between Man and lesser apes. Common sense would tell us that the missing link will probably never be found. Be prepared for "truths" held for centuries to fall by the wayside.
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