Money Wasted On New GM Grape Vine

Although GM foods have spread quietly throughout the world slipping under lax labelling systems, people are still suspicious of them. Because of the strict ban on their distribution in Europe if something disastrous happen to those who unknowingly consume them, Europeans will have the last laugh.

It seems scientists are obsessed with DNA modification of anything they can get their hands on. Wine has been made for centuries from grapes that are perfect for the job. Just why one would want to mess around with the DNA of the humble grape vine is a mystery. For ten years scientists in Adelaide have been trying to modify grapes to make them resistant to mildew. This disease can easily by prevented by spraying with fungicide.

There has been limited success in the laboratory. Tests in the field will follow. There is a problem, however, a Significant proportion of Australian wine is sold in Europe, where as mentioned above there is a ban on the sale of genetically modified food. What a waste of time and money having people and resources tied up in something that is basically unwanted.
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